More on When Friends Disappear During a Health Crisis

Anyway...this is someone that while I was here in NC was one of my closer friends...I hadn't lived here long so these were not long-term or developed friendships and when I got sick EVERY SINGLE ONE OF these people fell away...and quickly....(but) Things do change. I've reconnected with a few of these friends now. I've also reconnected with my sister. Some of the relationships though are simply and clearly ruptured as well. I've learned that this is all okay. Moving forward with the relationships that have survived can be tricky and time is needed for healing with some of them too. Clarity does come. [click on title for the rest of the post]

To those suffering acute and protracted withdrawal symptoms… (it gets better!)

When I was at the height of this illness (I had over 50 severe and disabling symptoms) I felt hateful, bitter and angry...and most of those emotions were caused by what some of us call "neuro-emotions" meaning they were grossly exaggerated because of the condition and the brain/neurological injury that so many of us are dealing with. Believe me I did not always deal with this iatrogenic injury with anything resembling grace. So, yes, I have hope for everyone. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

This is what it’s like to be chronically ill: Ken Wilber shares his experience

This sort of illness tends to be an up and down sort of thing. It can be very difficult to deal with and unaffected people rarely understand. I lately had a serious setback and I've learned it's not very pleasant to even talk about because people want you better so badly that they will invalidate the very real difficulties that we face all the time. … [click on title to read the rest]

Chronic pain (psych drug withdrawal induced and chronic pain in general too)

I use many methods for relief of the pain at once...including yoga and meditation and supplements and diet and epsom salt all aspects of health I've learned, that pain too is a deeply holistic experience. Everything matters. I don't imagine the combination of what works for me is going to be exactly applicable to anyone else. It's more important to learn to listen to ones particular body and that process will never be exactly the same. I list as many things here as possible so that one might start to piece together what might work for their situation.

Minding Your Mitochondria: heal chronic illness with diet, #foodie Friday

This sort of diet can also help a lot of mental health issues. People learn to avoid taking psychiatric drugs to begin with by eating this way. Basically it's a diet that helps one get optimal nutrition all around so that one can get as healthy as possible body/mind and spirit.

Vulnerability and the Illusion of Control

Below I've shared a brief excerpt from a longer article on Larry Berkelhammer's blog: Mind Training to Improve Health. I saw his article right after I noticed a post on twitter saying cancer and illness in general was a lifestyle choice! They used a damning and judgmental tone too. What is wrong with people?? We... Continue Reading →

Encouraging people to make healthy life supporting choices is not the same as blaming them for illness

Yesterday I found myself on a website that claimed to offer inspiration about healing from a variety of illnesses. The post I read said that people earned their health. If you are ill you earned it and if you are healthy you earned it too said this website....

A simple observation

When I consider my body is healing rather than thinking of it as sick I have a completely different relationship to the pain and malaise...

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