To those suffering acute and protracted withdrawal symptoms… (it gets better!)

Someone who is in the midst of acute withdrawal syndrome recently asked me if I had hope for others who are very sick. I answered with the following words (slightly edited for this post):

When I was at the height of this illness (I had over 50 severe and disabling symptoms) I felt hateful, bitter and angry…and most of those emotions were caused by what some of us call “neuro-emotions” meaning they were grossly exaggerated because of the condition and the brain/neurological injury that so many of us are dealing with. Believe me I did not always deal with this iatrogenic injury with anything resembling grace.

So, yes, I have hope for everyone. I’m not the only one who has been sick many years and recovered. I know lots of people who’ve been in the grips of hell for years and come out. Viewing this passage through illness as a dark night of the soul helps many of us. Yes, and many people (and it looks like I’m quickly becoming one of them), find that life on the other side is joyous because after living through the hell realms we’ve lived through we know we can handle anything.

Love comes back. Joy comes back. Forgiveness comes back…

And yes, I have hope for everyone. Though it’s often no easy ride and we don’t have crystal balls that predict the future.


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