2015 Yale Symposium – Dr. David Healy: video about dangers of psych drugs

Wonderful! I’ve only listened to a bit because I have a meeting in a few minutes but this is Dr. David Healy at Yale speaking about the dangers of psychiatric drugs and the denial about that fact in the medical establishment. … [click on title to read and view more]

Risky Pills: David Healy on Madness Radio

Adverse effects from prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in America. How can we know if the pills we take are actually safe? What can we do if they aren't? Dr. David Healy, internationally renowned psychiatrist, whistleblower, and author of 20 books, discusses industry corruption of pharmaceutical regulation and proposes better ways to protect patients and prevent harm. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Ten Myths about Depression and Psycho-Pharmacology

Myth 1: Your disease is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain Myth 2: It’s no problem to stop treatment with antidepressants Myth 3: Psychotropic Drugs for Mental Illness are like Insulin for Diabetes Myth 4: Psychotropic drugs reduce the number of chronically ill patients Myth 5: Happy pills do not cause suicide in children and adolescents … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Many who ‘benefit’ from meds will have enduring problems from physical dependence & other legacy effects

Please read this article by Dr. David Healy. Many of the readers of this blog are the living victims of what he speaks. Some of us did believe that the drugs "saved" us for some time before discovering that the pay off was far worse than the temporary save. … [click on title to read the rest]

Your adverse drug reaction is NOT just an anecdote

Scroll down to see the Dr. David Healy's video: Not Just an Anecdote Just an FYI. This is a constructive way to get the information so many of us have learned the hard way out to others and prevent the grave harm that has happened to us from happening to others. Go report your adverse events upon coming off psychiatric or other pharmaceuticals. Information is below.

Talking to the MD who prescribed the drugs that made me so very ill

I’ve been documenting my correspondence with my longest term prescribing psychiatrist for a few years. The page where I link to all the documentation has been getting traffic since the article I wrote about my being polydrugged was published on David Healy's site and Mad in America. I link to it when I mention the conversation I have with my prescribing doctor.... Continue Reading →

Turning patients into hostages (part 2) — updated

the part about Stockholm Syndrome in particular because I found a post from 2007 in which I speak to this exact phenomena as well. In 2007 I'm in the early days of my 6 year marathon withdrawal from 6 classes of neurotoxic psychiatric drugs. Still, I had the capacity, even at that point to start seeing things very clearly. This is part what I posted before featuring David Healy's work. Afterwards I share the same insight I had in 2007. An insight I had forgotten about when I read and shared David Healy's article much more recently.

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