Many who ‘benefit’ from meds will have enduring problems from physical dependence & other legacy effects

1PsychDrugsPlease read this article by Dr. David Healy. Many of the readers of this blog are the living victims of what he speaks. Some of us did believe that the drugs “saved” us for some time before discovering that the pay off was far worse than the temporary save.

Below is a tiny excerpt from: The Empire of Humbug: Not So Bad Pharma

Aside from dead bodies,we know that many of those who “benefit” will have enduring problems from physical dependence and other legacy effects from treatment. This is not effectiveness as the 1962 regulations envisaged. We have ended up instead in a world in which hints of an effect are used to gain market entry for drugs and when we use these drugs mindlessly on the basis that they are effective, if the RCT evidence is to be believed, we produce greater disability in the long run than if we never had them. The effects may turn out to be worse than if we had encouraged chronic alcohol intake. (read the rest)

More info about those of us who are chronically ill as a result of SSRI and other psychiatric drug use: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

The above page includes links to resources to learn about how to more safely withdraw from drugs.

My story of being harmed on psychotropics, also on another of Dr. David Healy’s sites: Monica’s story: the aftermath of polypsychopharmacology

And yes, for those of us with protracted withdrawal issues the effects are far worse than had we been chronic alcoholics.  People who clean up from both alcoholism and illicit drug addictions too, tend to recover far more quickly than those of us who’ve been made ill by legal psychotropic drugs that were prescribed by a physician. And that includes the vast majority of us who take the drugs just as they were prescribed!

For options to taking medications check out the drop-down navigation menu at the top of the page. Run the cursor over the headings and find a lot of information and resources.

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