Your adverse drug reaction is NOT just an anecdote

Scroll down to see the Dr. David Healy’s video: Not Just an Anecdote

Just an FYI. This is a constructive way to get the information so many of us have learned the hard way out to others and prevent the grave harm that has happened to us from happening to others. Go report your adverse events upon coming off psychiatric or other pharmaceuticals. Information is below.

rxisklogo, the first free, independent website for researching and reporting prescription drug side effects, has added a Symptoms on Stopping (SoS) Zone to highlight and collect data on the side effects patients can experience when stopping a medication.

“While many of us associate withdrawal with stopping things like cigarettes, heroin, or sleeping pills, we may not realize that commonly used prescription drugs for conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, indigestion, and depression have withdrawal effects that can range from mild rebound symptoms to life-threatening crises”, says RxISK Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dee Mangin.

Users can report their experience and receive a personalized RxISK Report that assesses whether their symptoms are linked to stopping their medication, which they can take to their doctor or pharmacist….

RxISK CEO Dr. David Healy says, “Withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs can persist for years. Symptoms can range from mild and easily managed to horrifying and life-changing disability.”

Healy believes every patient should have this information before he or she makes the decision to start a medication. “We are very good at starting drugs but not as good at stopping them. This is why we encourage people to go to RxISK and look up a drug before filling their scrip. If you have concerns, you can then have a more informed conversation with your doctor or pharmacist before you start something you may not be able to stop easily or quickly.” READ MORE

Go directly to report withdrawal adverse events here: Welcome to the SoS (Symptoms on Stopping) or Withdrawal Zone

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