NIH equates akathisia with “restless leg syndrome” – and Pharma smiles upon them

What does the critically thinking individual do with any doctor’s recommendation? RESEARCH. Does this professional know what he’s talking about?  What have the experiences of other patients been?  What kind of scientific data is available on the recommended course of treatment? And of course the first (and perhaps only) source of information most folks turn... Continue Reading →

Off-label marketing: the competition for “biggest corporate fine” gets juicy

It is so important to admit when you're wrong.  So here goes... When I wrote that Astra-Zeneca paid the biggest corporate fine in American history ($520 million) for the off-label marketing of Seroquel, an atypical antipsychotic [I wrote that here]; I was wrong. (NOTE: off-label marketing is the promotion of a drug - whether amongst patients, doctors, or other... Continue Reading →

This kind of bullshit is why truly taking control of our health is being systematically stopped

It's true that Oats can lower cholesterol and while I wouldn't eat Cheerios because it's a highly processed grain, their claim, for healthy individuals is most likely true. Why is it that if you say a food or supplement is healing it has to be classified a drug. This is called not letting the public... Continue Reading →

Warning now out of a bunch of “mood-stabilizers”

UPDATED: IT WAS A WARNING NOT A BLACK BOX WARNING I've been seeing this everywhere for the last 24 hours or so, but haven't felt like dealing with getting it up here. It's something lot's of you will want to know though. Many of these drugs are only used for seizure disorders...but a good number... Continue Reading →

Atypical antipsychotics: too hard a sell? Let’s hope so!!

As some of you may know the FDA is reviewing the use of Seroquel for all sorts of stuff at the bequest of AstraZeneca. I've covered it a bit here but many others have done a better job. Look here at Furious Seasons for good background info. Here is the latest tid-bit from the LA... Continue Reading →

Lexapro squeaks by FDA approval for teens

Read Philip's inside scoop...he concludes his research with this paragraph. So we have two failed studies and a positive study of Celexa with a very small effect size plus a poster presentation of Lexapro and that's what the FDA based its approval of Lexapro for teens upon. My guess is that this drug just barely... Continue Reading →

Prescription for Disaster—Gary Null

This video is about 3 years old. Unfortunately nothing has changed and things perhaps have gotten worse. Do you know that atypical neuroleptics have killed many many more people than Vioxx ever did? He starts this video talking about Vioxx. We need to ask why the most vulnerable people in society are so disrespected that... Continue Reading →

Dumbass quote of the week

In an article from the Philedelphia Inquirer Charles Grassley and the FDA are explored. This article was referred to in one of my email groups. The title of this post comes from the subject line from one of the members of the group, John M. Ryan. He was pointing out a ludicrous statement in the... Continue Reading →

FDA Links Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome To Anti-Depressants

This is too important to not note here but I'm going through one of my weakened spells. So read about it on Philip's site.

The FDA does not protect us, but at least a few of the scientists there are bringing it to Obama’s attention.

In today's New York Times was an article that is not new or surprising but simply confirms what many of us already know: The Food and Drug Administration does almost nothing to police the financial conflicts of doctors who conduct clinical trials of drugs and medical devices in human subjects, government investigators are reporting. Moreover,... Continue Reading →

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