Warning now out of a bunch of “mood-stabilizers”


I’ve been seeing this everywhere for the last 24 hours or so, but haven’t felt like dealing with getting it up here. It’s something lot’s of you will want to know though. Many of these drugs are only used for seizure disorders…but a good number are used to control mood.

BLACK BOX WARNINGS FOR SUICIDALITY ARE NOW REQUIRED ON Carbatrol, Celontin, Depakene, Depakote ER, Depakote sprinkles, Depakote tablets, Dilantin, Equetro, Felbatol, Gabitril, Keppra, Keppra XR, Klonopin, Lamictal, Lyrica, Mysoline, Neurontin, Peganone, Stavzor, Tegretol, Tegretol XR, Topamax, Tranxene, Tridione, Trileptal, Zarontin, Zonegran, and generics.

Black box warning is the most serious danger warning the FDA ever puts on a drug. The next sign of dangerousness is removal from the market. AND I GOT MY INFO FROM A SOURCE WHO MADE A MISTAKE–I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN HAVING SEEN SIMILAR HEADLINES AROUND THE CLOCK. SO IN FACT IT’S NOT A BLACK BOX WARNING…IT’S A WARNING BUT NOT THE MOST SERIOUS WARNING THE FDA PUTS OUT.

From The Boston Herald (but it’s being reported everywhere—I got my first alert from the FDA warning email list I’m on):

The Food and Drug Administration has alerted physicians to new warnings on anti-seizure drugs about heightened risks of suicidal tendencies, following an earlier announcement that the labels would be required.

The labeling applies to more than 20 medications used to control seizures, psychiatric disorders and nerve pain. The warnings caution doctors that there is increased “risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior in patients taking these drugs for any indication.”

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  1. Gianna thank you. I love all the things you do, My doctor is alternate, his secretary may be surfing – he trusts me and is my friend, I dont like the way psychiatrists work but I need him more as a friend than a psychiatrist.

    My counsellor was referred to me by my meditator healer

    Need I say anymore

    Yes your web-site and Rayne and Safe harbour is good. I like the confidentiality – it is huge especially on the web site.

    History is repeating itself but my list of contacts/friends is increasing all the time. I have to start taking things serious, but for that my meds are so important as is the 10 per cent rule.

    Thank you – I need to relax talk to people on this side of the pond. I didn’t sleep well, and ate a lot of 2 tbs sugar before my sleep.


  2. Ametyst,
    safe harbor in general doesn’t really deal with trauma issues they are much more nutritionally oriented.

    I don’t think most of us can heal with just good nutrition I do think trauma and getting to the root of our psychological issues take additional work…

    John Breeding wrote a beautiful piece on dealing with tough emotions, but I think you might want to find someone you can trust to to share with.


    this is also something I do:


    take care Ametyst


  3. The drugs that I am on is one I was on when I was 22. I call them my emergency meds. I dont like their effect. But i am out of work at the moment and they are cheap. Whilst keeping me sane, I can do work with my counsellor/spiritual advisor and my alternate psychiatrist. Boy do I need to surf these web sites. My emerg. drugs are the old Melleril, Clonactil/Chlorpromazine and Valium. I need to work, i deal with psychiatric patients who are drugged up and a lot of them would be on the drug Lithium, Lithium Carbonate, that I am coming off. Our paths are set out I think predestined. Now adays before one works they are drug tested. I have a job that i like, I wanted to be a nurse but I get to work with people who dont trust alternate health. I have to trust my path – I have good people around me including yourself, safe harbour and naturalgal but the guy that lives with me I love him thanks to the counsellor who stuck by me and actuallyhas shown me how to love myself long nose and all. You have never seen my photo but i am rather a beautiful person from the inside to the outside. The inside is still a bit scary but actually saying that makes my child within more accepted. I have spoken a lot today – one sister told me of how birth can be so scary = That realisation is big, as I dont have children, and for my youngest sister for her to say that and for me to be told one of my problems was birth-related back to the womb. Gianna have you come accross that what web site should i go to or should i just be more straight forward in safe harbour. Psychosis is scary be it schizophrenic or bipolar.

    Trusting in herbs and tablets are ok when they are strong and you know the doses = but it makes the first time you use them very scary. I am still reducing by the 10 per cent but got fed up with the emerg. meds and upped my Lithium. Last night I reduced my Lithium with the help of the emerg. meds. I will see if I fall asleep – I see my psychiatrist tomorrow and my counsellor on Friday. I dont need to drive tomorrow I could take more emerg. meds but what happens when I want to go deep inside to my inner child. I think I need to slow down, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Go back and read your advice about sleep remedies. What ever please send me your healing energy. Spirit is full of love – God, Energy it all the same. We all end up in the same energy.


  4. depacrap gave me ovarian cysts, ugh. so many meds gave me so many issues. i can’t stand that stuff. thanks again for all the important information.


  5. Thanks Gianna. Depakote is a superb depressant. Hateful stuff. Glad I’m off it. Take care, D x


  6. as far as I know generic names remain the same everywhere…but that is only and educated guess…I don’t know it for a fact…it just seems to be the case in my experience reading about these drugs cross-culturally.


  7. Gianna

    The Generic name will be the same whether one lives in Europe or the States. Or do the drug companies change their generic name as distinct from the trade names.


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