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In an article from the Philedelphia Inquirer Charles Grassley and the FDA are explored. This article was referred to in one of my email groups. The title of this post comes from the subject line from one of the members of the group, John M. Ryan. He was pointing out a ludicrous statement in the piece.

I’ve mentioned Grassley a number of times on this blog but don’t follow all he does super closely. In short the man is helping in a small but significant and highly visible way to bring some accountability to physicians and their dubious and corrupt links to pharma.

He is responsible for busting the likes of Biederman and Nemeroff.

In any case the whole article is worth reading but I’m posting this tidbit because John made me laugh. Unfortunately it’s one of those times you laugh instead of crying…but I wanted to share it.

From the article—the bold part is the dumbass comment:

But some experts warn that Grassley has oversimplified challenging science. All drugs have side effects, and sorting out which are more dangerous is rarely simple, said John Calfee, a resident scholar who studies the drug industry for the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

“If anything, the FDA probably puts at least a bit too much emphasis on drug safety in comparison to getting faster drug development,” Calfee said.

Yes, that’s what we need! Less oversite, more dangerous, untested drugs. Good call Calfee.

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3 thoughts on “Dumbass quote of the week

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  1. The American Enterprise Institue is a right wing house of propaganda and corporate cheerleading and a comment from them is not even worth considering. The more relevant thing to consider is why the Phil. Enquirer felt the need to get a comment like that to lend the air of “balance”.

  2. Just wonderful…
    Does anybody remember on the X-Files who they would often have a scene in a boardroom of the actual “world leaders”, the one responsible for making all the decisions for us “useless eaters” as Kissinger would call us.
    Well, I’m pretty sure there is such a group and unless we can infiltrate it there isn’t much hope. I think Andy Alt could be the one to do it.
    Ok, so I’m having difficulty being serious today. But I am sort of serious, because I actually don’t think the X-Files was too off the mark.

  3. I am so impressed was Chuck Grassley. I hope he stays in the senate for a long time and continues his work.

    If anyone reading this lives in Iowa, write this man and email and let him know how much we value him.

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