Lexapro squeaks by FDA approval for teens

Read Philip’s inside scoop…he concludes his research with this paragraph.

So we have two failed studies and a positive study of Celexa with a very small effect size plus a poster presentation of Lexapro and that’s what the FDA based its approval of Lexapro for teens upon. My guess is that this drug just barely squeaked through the approval gate, but that’s one of those things the FDA will never tell the public. It’s pretty clear that Lexapro/Celexa for teen depression sure don’t have a ton of efficacy.

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  1. My son Spencer (19 years old) was on Lexapro for four months when he committed suicide by hanging. He had been given 20mg. dose without proper supervision. Now I visit him in the cemetery. Be caucious with Lexapro!!!

    1. I’m so sorry Raymond.

      it’s not just lexapro but any ssri or snri drug that can lead to suicide. all psychotropics can also induce more severe depression that can lead to suicide but the correlation is strongest with these antidepressant drugs.

      thank you for sharing your tragedy that other may be made aware.

  2. I was 14 when i started taking celexa, and i tried to kill myself 6 times while on the meds. Celexa ruined me, and i tell everyone i can not to take it. im now taking prozac, which works nicely for me.

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