The Autoimmune Summit: may help anyone with chronic illness, including protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal

A lot of people with protracted withdrawal issues are likely to have some sort of auto-immunity issue. It’s worth learning about auto-immune disease if you have chronic illness of any kind since mainstream doctors don’t even look for it quite often. This is a free online conference of sorts…it looks like a great way to get to know about this stuff if you don’t already. My healing protocols take into account auto-immune issues and much of what will be taught in this course informs my own healing process. IT’S FREE

There are some good doctors involved in this. Including one’s from whom I’ve learned a lot in my process. Beyond that I don’t really know more about this program than what I’m sharing. (just as a small disclaimer) I receive nothing for this post and share it only because I think it would be great for everyone to understand more about chronic illness and autoimmune disease. Both are far more common than most people realize and there are a lot of people who are sub-chronic in that with one more trigger they could get sick. We all need to tend to our health, always. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

We not only get ill, we also get well

I’ve been inspired by Deena Metzger for many years now. I have often returned to some of her words that I’ve shared on this blog as I’ve gone through my process of listening to my illness so that I might grow and heal with it, rather than fighting it. In the interview with Tami Simon from Sounds True she goes deep into what this means for her and it’s deeply resonant with my own experience.

Among other things Deena speaks to the issue of iatrogenic illness. Medically induced injury, in other words. The issue that I and so many who read this blog face in a giant way through protracted withdrawal syndrome, a sometimes gravely disabling illness caused by the use and withdrawal of psychiatric drugs. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Trauma and your body

Trauma that is held in the body over time freezes…the healing process requires defrosting…it can be painful…physically and emotionally. (it’s also well worth the trouble!) … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Illness is a monastery

Illness is a monastery with its own rules, asceticism, silence, and inspiration. — Albert Camus
I have so often said that my plight was one of forced monasticism…one that bore much good fruit even if also painful. So that is the positive spin on all this. Dark nights of the soul do bear fruit. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

More on When Friends Disappear During a Health Crisis

Anyway…this is someone that while I was here in NC was one of my closer friends…I hadn’t lived here long so these were not long-term or developed friendships and when I got sick EVERY SINGLE ONE OF these people fell away…and quickly….(but) Things do change. I’ve reconnected with a few of these friends now. I’ve also reconnected with my sister. Some of the relationships though are simply and clearly ruptured as well. I’ve learned that this is all okay. Moving forward with the relationships that have survived can be tricky and time is needed for healing with some of them too. Clarity does come. [click on title for the rest of the post]

Chronic pain (psych drug withdrawal induced and chronic pain in general too)

I use many methods for relief of the pain at once…including yoga and meditation and supplements and diet and epsom salt baths…like all aspects of health I’ve learned, that pain too is a deeply holistic experience. Everything matters.

I don’t imagine the combination of what works for me is going to be exactly applicable to anyone else. It’s more important to learn to listen to ones particular body and that process will never be exactly the same. I list as many things here as possible so that one might start to piece together what might work for their situation.