Vulnerability and the Illusion of Control

Below I've shared a brief excerpt from a longer article on Larry Berkelhammer's blog: Mind Training to Improve Health. I saw his article right after I noticed a post on twitter saying cancer and illness in general was a lifestyle choice! They used a damning and judgmental tone too. What is wrong with people?? We... Continue Reading →

Encouraging people to make healthy life supporting choices is not the same as blaming them for illness

Yesterday I found myself on a website that claimed to offer inspiration about healing from a variety of illnesses. The post I read said that people earned their health. If you are ill you earned it and if you are healthy you earned it too said this website....

Heal your IBS (irritable bowel syndrome): heal your body and mind

As I have often mentioned on this blog, people who have taken psychiatric drugs often have gut issues. Irritable bowel syndrome is the most common diagnosis for these phenomena. IBS is basically a garbage pail term after other issues have been ruled out. Sadly and rather ironically gastroenterologists generally have no idea how to help... Continue Reading →

A simple observation

When I consider my body is healing rather than thinking of it as sick I have a completely different relationship to the pain and malaise...

Radical Acceptance is one of the most challenging and liberating of practices

Sensations are always changing and moving. When we interrupt and constrict their natural process of unfolding and transformation by resisting them or trying to hold onto them, by tightening against them in our body or telling ourselves stories, it’s like damming up or diverting the course of a river. It’s easy to let the river... Continue Reading →

Coping with and healing body pain of withdrawal & withdrawal syndromes

I've collected several things I do to cope with the pain I experience as a result of long-term psychotropic drug use and the subsequent withdrawal pain I find myself in. Many people suffer from these pains upon withdrawal from many different psychiatric drugs and psychiatric drug classes so I thought I'd share how I cope. In most cases with most individuals the pain remits in time but that can take up to a few years in the worst case scenarios so we do need to have coping strategies in place while the time passes. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what might be done to cope with pain. Some of this pain is sometimes talked about as fibromyalgia. I don't personally find that diagnosis helpful as it's a garbage pail term, but the pain is very real.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Clearly Linked to Gut Bacteria (and how I cured my IBS by knowing this)

An article in Science Daily reports on a study about bacteria being associated with irritable bowel syndrome. This is, of course, something those of us who use alternative methods of healing have known for a long time. It's the WRONG bacteria that is problematic. Unhealthy bacteria, rather than enough of the good bacteria we need... Continue Reading →

Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure

‎”Formal” meditation — the kind where you set aside a specific time and sit on a cushion…I don’t do all that often anymore and that has been the case since I’ve been seriously ill. First it became impossible, but then I found another way of meditating deeply. What happened with my illness is that I learned that formal meditation is not always necessary for everyone, though I did start with more formal sitting years ago and it’s likely that it’s a good place to start, in general, if at all possible.

Information and inspiration for the chronically ill

This one is for folks living with chronic illnesses of all kinds. I was struck physically ill from the brain-injury and systemic insult incurred by long-term and excessive (prescribed) psychiatric drug use and the subsequent withdrawal from the drugs (iatrogenesis). Many of my symptoms are like that of all sorts of auto-immune and other long-term chronic illness. (CFS, fibromyalgia, etc) These are articles about learning to cope with being seriously ill and also learning to heal from such illness.

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