This is what orthomolecular medicine is about–nutrition heals!!

Short news clip on diet healing all manner of psychiatric diagnosis. Generally it's just part of the picture, but a very important part.

Pharmaceutical advertising affects journal publication about dietary supplements

Do your own interpretation of this. Here is the abstract of the study: Background Advertising affects consumer and prescriber behaviors. The relationship between pharmaceutical advertising and journals' publication of articles regarding dietary supplements (DS) is unknown. Methods We reviewed one year of the issues of 11 major medical journals for advertising and content about DS.... Continue Reading →

A controversial Canadian supplement works for this woman

I don't like endorsing products and this is not an endorsement, but it is the story of a woman whose experience I believe. And it is in fact a "bipolar" recovery story. A case of someone lacking necessary nutrients. Products like EmpowerPlus are what I call "shot-gun" approaches. They may work very well for some... Continue Reading →

For the supplement sensitive

There are many people I've encountered in the psychiatric drug withdrawal community who are extremely sensitive to supplements. They get reactions to them. Much like we might have a reaction to a chemical in the environment. The difference is that we need these supplements to heal and we have to figure out how to desensitize... Continue Reading →

Food is like a pharmaceutical compound???

I found a ludicrous statement in an article in The Economic Times that otherwise supports my position that food is medicine: “Food is like a pharmaceutical compound that affects the brain,” said Fernando Gsmez-Pinilla, University of California LA and professor of neurosurgery and physiological science. (emphasis mine) “Diet, exercise and sleep have the potential to... Continue Reading →

Added benefits

There are benefits to seeing a holistic psychiatrist that have nothing to do with mental health---or at least only marginally so. I have seen multiple benefits in my body and health since I started working with my new orthomolecular psychiatrist. There is all I've already told you about---the greatly improved sleeping and energy and continued... Continue Reading →

My computer died yesterday and my recovery continues

The screen went completely black and upon looking into what the problem might be it turns out to be a $700 dollar fix. Which means I need a new computer. The especially irritating part of it is that this computer is just three months past it's one year warranty. It's basically a brand new computer,... Continue Reading →

It’s not a traditional “medical detox”

I'm doing more research on the detox facility. It bugs me that I know a lot of my readers who have gone through withdrawal are so wed to the "it takes forever and you gotta suffer real bad" theory. My experience with a whole host of other readers is that is certainly not the case... Continue Reading →

The end

My brother is dead. He died yesterday at 9:05 am after a 72 hour vigil at the hospital. I will not tell the story now and maybe never. I just wanted to check in. There are lots of family duties and the simple need today to go to the mall and buy and appropriate dress... Continue Reading →

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