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There are many people I’ve encountered in the psychiatric drug withdrawal community who are extremely sensitive to supplements. They get reactions to them. Much like we might have a reaction to a chemical in the environment. The difference is that we need these supplements to heal and we have to figure out how to desensitize ourselves so that we can take these healing substances and truly recover.

I had a long conversation with my original mentor of withdrawal…

I was out of touch with her for a very long time because she was unable to work for a while and so I ended up all over the place doing research which has been very good for me intellectually but I’m glad to say I’ve reconnected with her after my fiasco with the other doc…(though that other doc did save my life with her particular supplement regimen and even though she led me down a scary path in the end, I’m still over all much improved thanks to her…so I got a bit screwed, but at the same time I learned so much and am still benefiting from what I learned from her…I guess the cliche there is good in all things is true and really in spite of the final trauma, I did learn so much of value from this woman.)

In any case, yesterday I spoke with the owner of Withdrawal and Recovery and asked specifically for guidance for all of the ultra-sensitive folks I encounter through this blog and in my email groups—-how can people get to the point that they tolerate supplements? Both she and I feel strongly that supplements are an integral part of healing completely.

She had an answer and has used it numerous times with her patients.

Here is a brief description and this is my recollection of what she said, so I take responsibility for how it is written here:

Determine what supplement it is you want to take that you are sensitive too but know that if you could take it it would make you healthier…(for some of us this will be a good number of supplements while we are still healing.)

Take the bottle of supplements and hold it in your hand for 15 minutes while concentrating on it’s contents for a week.

Then the next week open the bottle and hold it and concentrate.

The next week put the open bottle under your nose and breathe it while concentrating.

Then the next week make a solution with the supplement (doesn’t have to be exact in any way—crush up pill/open capsule and put in small amount of water or if it’s a liquid just use the liquid) put a Q-tip in the solution and put it under your tongue. Do that for a week.

Next week a bit more of the solution under your tongue…

Slowly, slowly work up week by week with a wee bit more each week—TAKE YOUR TIME there is never reason to rush…you want this to work. Of course you can start taking small amounts and swallowing as you progress.

This is, clearly, a desensitization process…it works.

If you feel so inspired give it a try…

I guess if it were me, I would start with things like probiotics and digestive enzymes, a good complex whole food multi-vitamin, fish oil, magnesium, vitamin c, mineral.

That’s a good place to start…don’t worry if it takes months to work your way up…
My friend says it can take 6 months to get to a good supplement regimen if you’re sensitive, I imagine it could even take more depending how many things your need for your foundational regimen. In any case she generally only sees complete healing once people can take supplements.(of course there are always exceptions to every rule.)

I just know how much supplements have helped me and hope that these instructions can help someone.

Note: most of you reading this blog may not realize just how crippled some people get during the withdrawal process. It is for those people that these instructions are made for. Generally people who respond negatively to supplements have cold turkeyed, usually more than once and their bodies are ravaged. It’s hard to comprehend some of the suffering some of these people go through.

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  1. Marko:

    I have a question for you since you said you are in the same boat re: supplements. Does that mean that supplements, vitamins and herbs set you off as far as the anxiety and depression? That’s what happens to me and I wasn’t sure if this is what you meant. It can be quite horrendous on top of already going through protracted withdrawal.

  2. Hey, thank you for writing this (and for posting it on Icarus). I’m in the same boat (highly sensitive to supplements and herbs) and if this works, that would be great. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Gianna:

    I read your blog re: supplement sensitivities, and BOY! Can I relate. I realize that there are probably nutrients I need right now, being in the throes of some major withdrawal, and I can’t take anything without being completely set-off and going into some major anxiety. I am certainly going to try what you have recommended. It sounds like it would work if I can be patient. (Patience is not my best virtues by the way.)


  4. I can remember after coming off Lithium in 2006, but still being maintained on other psych drugs, that my fears no longer affected me. I was able to step out onto a bridge, walk out to the centre and actually enjoy the experience – something I couldn’t do with Lithium. My food
    allergies actually left me when I came off the Lithium.

    Although one of the allergies that remained with me was the smell of petrol. A huge trigger I had whilst in a mildly elated stage was when I was exposed to the smell of petrol. My husband had spilled petrol on his trousers while filling up the car, and got back into the car without changing. My stomack reacted, after a short time and I knew I needed food. But I went into a very light headed state, where everything was so funny. I couldn’t compose myself. A weird experience.

  5. Very good advice DtH,
    I read a few years ago a lot of the herbal pills from china have lead and other heavy metals in them…

    one good way to avoid this is to make tea with the actual herbs.

    it’s the pills that contain the toxins as a result of the manufacturing process as I understand it, not the whole herbs that can be made into tea.

    At the time I read that years ago I was taking a small vial of tiny pills for stomach ache that worked very well…I looked them up on the net and they were one of the kinds that had heavy metals!! And I got them from a reputable source…so it always pays to stay on top of this stuff.

  6. Acupuncture and chinese medicine can be great. Please be aware that herbs that come from China can actually contain toxins that aren’t supposed to be in there. I ended up in the hospital with chest pains after taking Chinese herbs from an acupuncturist. Always make sure the source is pure.

  7. Good luck David,
    please let me know how it goes….
    oddly enough, I’ve always tolerated supplements but had a terrible time with Chinese Herbs and I’m totally into Chinese Medicine!!

    I’m seeing a acupuncturist now but don’t’ do the herb part…I’m thinking once I’m off the drugs I might tolerate the herbs…I suspect contraindications…but who knows…

    In any case, if you tolerate chinese herbs you can do a lot of good healing with them!

    and oh! David, if you do try this try a whole food vitamin…that means not synthetic…they are generally better tolerated….

  8. This is very interesting, and something I’ll have to try. I can’t take multivitamins or most supplements without getting sick, though oddly, I can tolerate most Chinese herbal formulas. I’m aware that a multivitamin would be good for me, but I’ve never figured out how to tolerate them. I’ll give this a shot.

  9. froscha,
    in my true manias I was capable of physical and mental feats I’ve never been able to do again…yogic like things and such…

    it’s all there inside us…and yes I see why you made the connection…

    I hope to practice and learn ways of harnessing some of these “powers” that are simply our natures that need to be nurtured, once I’m off drugs..

  10. This may not seem directly related, but I’m curious if you’ve ever heard of this phenomenon. This one time I was truly manic, that head space where you have no inhibitions and your consciousness feels expanded, I had two physiological responses I still find curious.

    Normally, too much direct sunlight makes me ill. The day my mania peaked, I was walking outside for a couple hours on a very warm sunny day and not only did I not get heat sick, I was so unbothered by the sun that I didn’t even need sunglasses. No squinting, even.

    Second, I used to react very badly to cats. Very strong allergic reaction in general, and if I were scratched even lightly the scratch marks would well up. That day I played with a cat and she scratched me up a bit on one arm. NO reaction! None.

    I still have some allergies but not nearly as bad as then, partly as a result of having lived with a roommate’s cat a few years after. I sneezed a lot for the first couple months but then became inured to the cat, and only rarely react to cats since no longer sharing a house with one.

    I’m left wondering to what greater extent our bad physical reactions are tied into how open and relaxed our psychological experience is at a given time. (I will still stop short of telling people that their allergies are “all in your head.”) My day in the sun with the cat while I was so mentally elevated is what makes Moss Bliss’s story of the acupuncturist being able to tolerate something after falling asleep with it in her hands believable to me.


  11. Might work. I know there is an acupuncturist in CA who was treating herself and accidentally fell asleep holding something she was allergic to, and after awakening found she was no longer allergic. She has tried it on hundreds of patients now, with 100% effectiveness. I need to find an acupuncturist who will (a) take my insurance or be really cheap and (b) is willing to try this. Lots of food sensitivities, and my life would be lots better without them.


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