Have you been harmed by MDs and western medicine? It’s not uncommon

I have a long history of being gravely harmed by MDs and western medicine. It started in early childhood with multiple courses of unnecessary antibiotics which primed my immune system and gut for later auto-immune disease. Later, as a teenager, my pediatrician told my mother I could only have gotten crabs by sexual transmission. I was a virgin.

Our bodies hold our personal mythologies

Our bodies, in perfect reflection of our psyches, hold our personal mythologies. In this way we are all unique. This is what western medicine does not get. Clinical trials can never capture this. … [click on title to read more]

Vitality: choose health, leave western medicine, as currently practiced, (largely) behind

If we actually knew how to be healthy most of us wouldn't need pharmaceuticals and most standard care in western medicine these days. We can learn to allow health in our bodies. We need to start with ourselves so that we can also teach our children. We, as a species, have forgotten how to take care of ourselves, but it's completely possible to learn how to do it again. It can also be a joyous experience of learning just how incredible our human bodies are. … [click on title to read the rest]

3rd leading cause of death: WESTERN MEDICINE

And in these statistics lie the many thousands of folks suffering from disabilities brought on by psych meds. The denial continues nonetheless... From NEW SCIENTIST and article from a few days ago: WHAT is the third leading cause of death in the developed world? Given that cancer and heart disease top the list, you might hazard a guess at diabetes, stroke or car accidents. You'd be wrong. The answer is "iatrogenic" deaths – those caused by medical errors, adverse drug reactions or hospital-acquired infections. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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