Vitality: choose health, leave western medicine, as currently practiced, (largely) behind

vitAs this movie suggests, if we actually knew how to be healthy most of us wouldn’t need pharmaceuticals and most standard care in western medicine these days. We can learn to allow health in our bodies. We need to start with ourselves so that we can also teach our children. We, as a species, have forgotten how to take care of ourselves, but it’s completely possible to learn how to do it again. It can also be a joyous experience of learning just how incredible our human bodies are.

I don’t agree with every detail of this film, but it’s largely right on.

Please don’t come off medications of any sort without learning how to first support your body and appropriately taper off whatever medications you might be on.

If you are considering discontinuing psych drugs please first very carefully educate yourself on the risks involved so that you might minimize the chances of developing grave iatrogenic illness if you decide to withdraw: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up

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If I had remained med compliant…   Where I talk about all the ways I’d be ill had I stayed on my psychiatric drug cocktail.

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