Have you been harmed by MDs and western medicine? It’s not uncommon

The above graphic is from here: What Happened to Saying “I’m Sorry” after Medical Mistakes?  See also: Medically induced illness: iatrogenic injury


I have a long history of being gravely harmed by MDs and western medicine. It started in early childhood with multiple courses of unnecessary antibiotics which primed my immune system and gut for later auto-immune disease. Later, as a teenager, my pediatrician told my mother I could only have gotten crabs by sexual transmission. I was a virgin. So yeah, early training on just how wrong doctors could be while being grossly betrayed as well. My mother did not believe me when I told her I’d never had sex. For a teenager that shit is traumatic. I’m not sure what sort of karma made sure I had so many really heinous, cruel and/or ignorant doctors (the blatantly cruel ones came a bit later…like the one that told me the pain of my endometriosis was all in my head and refused to help me. He didn’t seem to care about the earlier laperoscopy ordered by another MD which showed lesions scattered all over my insides) Anyway, this string of iatrogenic injury and traumatic insult began as a child when I was completely innocent. I cannot say why, but it also doesn’t seem terribly unusual. In my work it seems normal among the folks I work with.

I tend to avoid doctors now. Medical environments don’t agree with me. I have met some fine and lovely and profoundly gifted MDs too…but I’ve not found one that have the skill set I need so I don’t utilize MDs for the most part now. I trust my highly educated and informed intuition and if and when I actually need a person trained in the western medical system I’ll access such care. I’ve found, however, mostly I not only don’t need them…they tend to continue to harm me or have no clue what to suggest in order to help me…most of them won’t acknowledge that they don’t understand what they’re being presented with. Ego is the biggest problem I’ve come up against. They are dangerous for me.

I’ve gained enough discernment now that I recognize immediately who I can and cannot speak to honestly. They cannot hurt me anymore. I understand that they are human just like me and that no human being should ever be in authority over another. I will only work with people who deeply acknowledge and understand that we are all equals on this earth.

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