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This is how to use the site.

Many people still ask me for my “protocols.” The message I communicate for healing is that we are all different and our paths are also, therefore, going to be endlessly diverse.

I share my experience, not so that it may be copied, but so that the reader can get a sense of process.

The site has drop down menus with a large scope of options.

You can click on the title to get to the posts page or use the search box located at the top of the site. You can also find posts by date from the archive drop down either on the side of this post or directly below it depending on what sort of device you’re on.

Follow whatever line of interest catches your eye, thus, following your own energy, thereby learning to follow your path.

I don’t have more. There are no precise protocols for complex issues.

This is the journey of your life. It will be unique. May your journey be filled with the light of understanding.

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