Happiness, activism and the gut

Happiness can coexist with despair. It really can. We need to stop having such narrow view of what happiness is. Being human is a rough ride ~ when we embrace the despair the happiness is a byproduct…

The capitalistic marketing of happiness works like this: make everyone who feels anything other than happy believe that they’re mentally ill.  see: Marketing Happiness


Activism is often maligned among folks who fancy themselves spiritual. Activism when married with unconditional and radical love is a force that makes people tremor. Action paired with radical loving begins to decondition our bodies, minds and souls. see:Spirituality and politics (activism) — being in the world

and Anger and activism for the spiritual being


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Need a flower essence? Put a petal on your tongue. Stop paying money for BS that nature gives us already neat and tidy in her own packaging. Stop giving our power to the man. Stop selling on the market of pain when mama wants to feed us. To be clear, I’m not mocking flower essences…and I’m serious…all one needs to do for flower essence is to commune with an actual flower. No need to buy anything at all. Try it. One does become more able to feel and benefit from subtle energies as we free ourselves from pharmaceuticals. Allowing time and process for that is also critical. Compassion for wherever we are on the journey is important.


Favorite Rumi: This being human is a guest house…


“Possession” is not far-fetched when one comes to understand the microbiome. Every bug inhabiting our body is living and conscious. They affect our experience in profound ways. To mock the idea of “possession” as primitive and foolish shows our own lack of understanding of science.

“Possession” has more than one usage and we do need to take ownership of our microbiome. Without conscious internal eco-system management we get sick.  Most people are not consciously engaged with their bodies in this fashion however and most people are not very healthy either. An unbalanced microbiome will affect people in many diverse ways. All illness is impacted by the health of the gut in ways our medical system remains almost entirely ignorant. Standard medical treatment continues to destroy our microbiome pretty much across the board. see: Detoxification (which is really about balancing the internal ecosystem): healthy living for body/mind/spirit


Feel into the reality that the person you are perceiving to be hurting you is completely and totally your equal. Equally deserving of love. Equally important to the human family. Feel that. If you really understand that in your heart nothing will ever be the same.

Have you considered what unconditional love really means? Practicing unconditional loving is the single most radical practice any of us can take on. We will consistently fail even while learning more and more about what being human is all about.


Who am I? Who am I without my work? Without my family? Without my home? Who am I without my country? Who am I without these varieties of identity that obscure the view? Identity obscures the view.


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