Fox News takes a swipe at antidepressants

I’ve been alerted to an interesting news clip from Fox News on you tube. It is sloppy journalism with the “experts” saying things that are not known to be facts about the Cho case–much of what they speak of is simply conjecture–for example–we do not know he was on antidepressants. Also the guy who most adamantly speaks against antidepressants can’t even keep the classes of drugs right and doesn’t even know the acronym for SNRI and calls Zoloft an SNRI when it is actually an SSRI. So–it’s hard to take as serious journalism. None the less, I’m impressed by it. It is right in spirit. And it’s a major news outlet that is criticizing antidepressants and thus by association, the pharmaceutical companies. This is the third news clip I’ve seen from Fox News that takes on these issues that the rest of the media steers clear from.

I lean far to the left politically–a fact that is usually completely unimportant for the purposes of this blog, but for this post it’s important because I’m actually coming close to admiring Fox News–an exceedingly conservative media source–for this segment, even if it is done sloppily. We assume in general that conservative news outlets, conservative politicians, and the like will support the pharmaceutical companies. But in this instance Fox is sticking it’s head out where no other major media outlet does. Since I’m not a regular viewer of Fox, I don’t know how often mental health coverage hints at what this piece does, but like I said I’ve seen a number of clips now, sent to me via email. Anyway–at this point it’s no more than an interesting piece of trivia–but I’m enjoying it! I just wish there was someone out there doing this in a professional manner, rather than the schlocky manner in which this piece was done.

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  1. The youtube clip you provide is from MSNBC. Also, Tom Cruise is being belligerent and rude to his host. Not a way to win hearts to ones cause.

  2. at 05:09 on the youtube video of Tom C. on Today show. I love how the host realizes he’s losing the arguement and changes the subject to scientology.

  3. I don’t know about Fox. Didn’t they rake scientology over the coals when Tom Cruise upset everyone saying “There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance” 01:42 into the video

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