Addendum to Withdrawal Symptoms post

This post on withdrawal symptoms gets more ongoing hits than any other post on my blog. People are searching. People want to know what to expect. They want to know if what they are going through is normal. They want answers that their doctors aren't telling them. I say in that post that I will... Continue Reading →

Highlight: a piece of work by Robert Whitaker

Sorry to those of you who enjoy my original material, but I haven't been up to writing lately. So I'm doing my best to keep the dialog alive by posting interesting tidbits from around the web. Today's piece is by Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in American a very compelling history of psychiatry. I post... Continue Reading →

Drug Withdrawal and Emotional Recovery

Sticking this to the top of the page. An old post from the archives that is just wonderful. "Part of the big lie of biopsychiatry, and of our pill culture in general, is that you can avoid the basics of self-care by taking a drug. It is so tempting to embrace the illusion that you can escape responsibility for altering your lifestyle, that you can avoid the ruthless discipline that is necessary to live a decent life in a society which is so alienated and distressed. You have to sacrifice the fantasy that someone, or some doctor, or some drug is going to make anything all better for you. The truth is that life is, in many ways, an arduous journey. And coming off psychiatric drugs can be a particularly intense part of that journey." ... (click on title to read the article)

Holistic Treatment?

From Psychiatric Medication News: Treatment of mood disturbance in bipolar disorder is undergoing a paradigm shift. Traditionally, drug therapy has been focussed on efficacy in acute mania or depression. Now psychiatrists are realising the need to evaluate drug treatments from other perspectives, Their full effects as acute and mood-stabilising agents, side effect profiles, effects on... Continue Reading →

The Invitation

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love for your dream for... Continue Reading →

Imagine there are no drug reps

Okay--so I've been feeling a little heavy reading about all the injustice committed against those of us unlucky enough to be labeled with a psychiatric illness. Today something a little bit light to enjoy via Pharma Spy. Certainly a world without drug reps would be a world with alternatives and choice.

Eight Random things about me

I got tagged by flawedplan over at Writhe Safely for this meme. I swore last time I got involved in a meme I wouldn't do another, but I had to respond to flawedplan if only to draw attention to her awesome site. The last meme I did was for the Thinking Blogger Award. It was... Continue Reading →

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