Imagine there are no drug reps

Okay–so I’ve been feeling a little heavy reading about all the injustice committed against those of us unlucky enough to be labeled with a psychiatric illness. Today something a little bit light to enjoy via Pharma Spy.

Certainly a world without drug reps would be a world with alternatives and choice.

4 thoughts on “Imagine there are no drug reps

  1. Samples are the number one influencer of prescribing habits of doctors. Not long ago, I worked for a very small company that allowed a sample order form to be obtained. I mailed it to everyone who could write a script for my products and, as a result, I was the top rep in the nation. And I never made one call. True story. Reps are not needed. Getting samples to doctors correlates with increased market share. It’s a fact.


  2. Makes a person wonder if there are reps for the fish oils, vitamins etc. –makes me think of how I met a cookie rep in the store one day, super cheerful, talked a lot and by the time he was done stocking the shelf i had my cart loaded with cookies.
    Then there are the wine reps I’ve met in stores. By the time he was done explaining his summer wine display my cart was loaded with wine.

    There’s gotta be a alternative rep group out there somewhere!?


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