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  1. I think it’s pretty funny. I have been diagnosed as bipolar II and schizo. At first, the labels helped me. I was able to understand the conditions and adjust my perceptions in my daily life accordingly, which helped me. On the other hand, anytime employers saw the conditions, my life was made more difficult. Worse yet, I was in an unhealthy relationship at the time and my ex used the labels to claim everything going wrong in the relationship was my fault. I moved on to a healthy one but the message in the pic that labels have a negative effect on relationships is very true (even though mine was troubled to begin with). The picture is true and I think it’s delivery makes it funny. It’s a painful reality, but I find the best comedy has its roots in the ugly of life. Maybe it’s just funny to me because of my own life experiences or because I am far less sensitive about these types of things than others, but I disagree with everyone else saying it lacks humor.


  2. well i think this is funny in the way satires are funny. not really funny ha ha, but funny clever, like, say, tom tomorrow. as satires go, though, this is very good. i’m impressed it even got out there. where did you find it, gianna?


  3. I like it. I think it is funnier than heck!

    I am quoting this from themormoryartist:

    “filled labels of various kinds, form a preconception on the part of the doctor or therapist about that patient that prevents the formation of a therapeutic relationship ?”

    The above is sooooo true and it is what spurred me to wean off my meds when I moved to a new town and every psychiatrist I went to had a preconceived notion of me. Even the psych docs in my old town had a good opinion of me. After moving I said sheez….and avoided going to these psych docs who had these preconceived notions of me. It was ridiculous the little box that they were trying to make me fit……and they wanted to add even more drugs…….
    at least the psych docs in my old town knew I was smart and capable….I probably would never have weaned off if these docs were not so quick to label me. I guess the last straw the the doc who said, “And did you have a lot of “drama” with you husband.

    I see the “poor relationships” statement as a result of the drugs.
    I loved my husband. The psych drugs were the cause of any “drama” ….and there really wasn’t that much “drama”…I walked out of that doctors office and never went back.

    The next doc was the one who weaned me off.


  4. …and it’s not even just a problem in existing relationships or family relationships. How often in the course of seeking treatment do the pages in charts filled labels of various kinds, form a preconception on the part of the doctor or therapist about that patient that prevents the formation of a therapeutic relationship ?


  5. How often does the BPD label get used against a patient by family? How many people refuse to communicate with family members who are just “schizo” and therefore, ridiculously out of touch with “reality”…good reasons to dismiss people…Labels cause the loss of credibility, even in close relationships. The stigma allows for and promotes scapegoating. Family members with NAMI proclivities can assert their will this way. These labels can totally fuck personal relationships. You don’t accept your label and the subsequent treatment…we can’t be there for you.

    Well, that’s my take anyway. I don’t see the patient-shaming. I think it’s a scathing indictment of what labels do to patients.


  6. I think the cartoon wants to be satire, but “poor relationships” doesn’t fit. Labeling and unemployment points to social satire, but the “poor relationships” shames the patient. Mixed messages.


  7. Ummm…I think it’s satire. I love it ! Leave it there…hell, email it to therapydoc. She might get a clue.


  8. It’s truly disturbing–I may take it down. But somehow I think the fact that people can make a joke like this needs to be noted. Who the hell thinks this is funny??


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