So I’m figuring I’m one of these “schizophrenics”

Schizophrenics at Highly Elevated Cancer Risk Due to Anti-Psychotics

That’s a headline at Furious Seasons today. Follow the link, I’m not up to writing much except to say that as Philip points out the paper on the study is completely unclear about the bipolar people in the study, but I would be willing to bet that the key factor is indeed anti-psychotics and not the convenient psychiatric label you’ve been stuck with.

In other words, anti-psychotics cause elevated cancer risk.

And the pretty thing? It’s a 308% increase in colon cancer. The cancer that killed my brother three months ago yesterday.

I’ve been on antipsychotics for 20 years. Pretty much non-stop the whole time. And very high doses for 15 years. It’s just another moment in this process that I shake and cry with rage. I used to say years ago, “I wonder what the long term effects of these drugs might be?” But I never thought I had an option.

Remember I was on more than 1000% more antipsychotic than I am on now. What the fuck for?? I’m virtually off all of it now and better for it.

If you don’t read Furious Seasons often, you should. Philip documents with lots of scientific proof how these drugs don’t work and how it makes no sense, except in perhaps critical moments of crisis to use many of these drugs at all. I’m not good at collecting all that data. Philip’s site is a goldmine of information. It’s worth rummaging through the archives.

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  1. There isn’t enough respect by medical doctors for people who are labled mentally ill.

    We have to counter-balance that by having respect for ourselves – watching out for one-another.

    Antonin Zanetti

  2. Mark,
    It happens all the time here too. I’ve been lucky and never had a totally disrespectful MD—but I’ve heard of a couple of stories of people who have psych diagnosis who have almost died because the doctors thought their illness was in their head. And lots more less serious cases of not being taken seriously. It’s a major problem.

  3. by the way, as a mentally ill person, your physical health is likely to be ignored when/if you go for a check.
    I got the spanish inquisition of my mental health, here in Montreal Canada, when all I wanted/needed was a blood test.

    Don’t mention you have a mental illness when/if you go to the ER or you with be typcast and put with the delusional section.

    You can read the love(sarcastic) on the blogs of emergency room,emergency department workers.

    I am pretty sure this is a large factor as well. If a mental patient happens to find the strength/will to complain of physical health pain after forced psychiatry, their claims have a good chance of being percieved as mentally ill delusions, with no scientific tests to confirm or deny. That is here in Canada, in the US it might be different as you guys can sue for malpractise

  4. Amazing how this article points to ‘mentally ill’ people not having the sense to know how to find appropriate medical care – as if this is the reason for the dramatic decrease in life expectency –

    It’s such a no-brainer to anyone who can do math – more ‘mentally ill’ people on psych drugs – and living shorter and shorter lives –

    NAMI and the Treatment Advocacy Center are a joke –
    hillarious –
    they are killing us (literally).


  5. yes Denise, thanks, there are a handful of very good sites. I can’t keep up with all of them either—I’m with you—I have to keep a certain balance with hard core reality and uplifting inspirational stuff.

  6. I understand Denise and thank you. But I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now if I didn’t know the truth and I like to stay armed with the truth to help spread the truth. And Philip is key in that.

    We all have to do what we need to do to take care of ourselves so I absolutely understand your stance and support you spending your time reading whatever you feel is uplifting!!

  7. Personally, I like your site lots better. I would rather learn about healthy alternatives than hear all the negative effects of the psych drugs. You are one of those resilient people in my mind.

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