Happy Birthday dear dear brother (in memorium)

My brother died a year and a half ago due to complications related to the treatment of his cancer. I left this comment (edited) on another blog the other day: My brother died of cancer almost a year and a half ago. I associate Easter with him as well because his birthday is on April […]


I just very carefully went through the album mentioned in the post below, page by page and looked long and hard at every picture of my beloved brother. No more pain at this moment, just a dull ache and a profound gratitude for having had him in my life. The other day when I looked […]

In memory of my brother

As many of you know my dearest brother died on September 3rd of last year. Tomorrow would have been his 49th birthday. I’ve been anticipating the pain for awhile, and unfortunately what makes it hurt even worse is that today is my wedding anniversary. I have the two dates linked in my mind and have […]

So I’m figuring I’m one of these “schizophrenics”

Schizophrenics at Highly Elevated Cancer Risk Due to Anti-Psychotics That’s a headline at Furious Seasons today. Follow the link, I’m not up to writing much except to say that as Philip points out the paper on the study is completely unclear about the bipolar people in the study, but I would be willing to bet […]


I had a nightmare last night. Both my sister-in-law and my younger brother were dying. I awoke after giving my sister-in-law a kiss as she lay there on her death bed. Upon awakening I was struck with grief for my dead brother as fresh as the day he died. I wept out loud and spoke […]

A message of love

This condolence was sent to me in a card. This beautiful man who has been my aunt’s partner for 15 or 20 years wrote it to me. Surely your brother sowed a hopeful garden for many—in many places. In the twilight of his days, no greater love must have absorbed than the collective enduring embrace […]