Suicidality now associated with antiepileptic drugs too

It's not just antidepressants anymore. And benzos are well known to cause depression too. Anti-seizure meds are commonly used as "mood stabilizers" in bipolar disorder. The FDA issued an alert today. Update: Furious Seasons now has good commentary on this issue.


Just want to encourage you to jump on over to Philip Dawdy's blog and read his interview with Tom Wootton, author of The Depression Advantage and The Bipolar Advantage. Some good food for thought. And the whole spiritual stuff he talks about....well....I feel like that sort of transformation is happening to me. A sort of... Continue Reading →

The pressure to publish

The blog is getting more and more popular. This makes me feel more responsibility to post something at least every couple of days. Then I worry about quality... This will be a simple update sans to much creative impulse. I am suffering again from that debilitating fatigue that the Lamictal withdrawal caused the first time... Continue Reading →

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