I’ve been saying this too—probably picked it up in the same neighborhood

Read Furious Seasons today to get a glimpse at the future now that antidepressants have been officially debunked. The future reads antipsychotics. This is a scary scary picture. I might point out though, at least in America, the coverage on just how bad antidepressants are was rather scant. It was the British and international media... Continue Reading →

Dedicated to me from me

My internet connection died. I was pirating an unsecured wireless connection until the cable company comes on Tues---they were backlogged so it was nice that I had that option. It disappeared completely last night and has not returned. It's rather strange, it was a strong connection and poof it's gone. I'm at a cafe right... Continue Reading →

Some Satire

Once again I take from Psych Survivor. This article comes from this website. To follow the links go to the original page. I think it's a pretty brilliant campaign and eerily on the money. February 15, 2008 The Ones That Mother Gives You At first we assumed it was Scientology. After all, who else has... Continue Reading →

I just called my doctor in Israel

My orthomolecular psychiatrist is out of the country so I followed him there. My symptoms have really not abated since I started my period. I'm dark, hostile, angry and depressed, though not in the same despairing way I was while premenstrual. That certainly made things worse. I am, however, still a complete mess. Yesterday I... Continue Reading →

Prescribing anti-depressants to the vast majority of patients is futile, as the drugs have little or no impact at all, according to researchers.

The title of this post is the first sentence in an article in the British newspaper the Financial Times. You may have to register to read it buts it's free and just like when you register for the New York Times and what not. They don't hassle you. This article is probably based on stuff... Continue Reading →

Diet can indeed support mental health

I found this article via Psych Survivor. This is just one example of the many many ways our bodies and the nutrients and or food we put in them greatly effect mental health. In this instance the culprit is a food sensitivity. There are many possible food senstivities including most commonly gluten and milk but... Continue Reading →

Can this morph into transformative suffering?

I rot. I cannot relax in my new place. I do not feel at home. But there is no other place that would feel completely like home now either. I have been rudderless and sick since I got back here. That was on February 2nd. I am in more (emotional? spiritual? withdrawal?) pain than I... Continue Reading →

I’m now seeing a Jungian therapist

I've started with a Jungian therapist. Zurich trained. "Ooh la la," as one of my friends said. I picked up a newsletter from the office of my therapist in which an analyst is interviewed. I bounced on a couple of quotes made by the interviewee, a Dr. Bud Harris. The interviewer asked: You spoke passionately... Continue Reading →

The latest drama (I’d like to be laughing, but I’m not)

Time for a post. Want to keep up the momentum. Maybe that is good---that I even care, because really I feel like shit. I moved into the cottage. It was a total fiasco from day one, but seems to have sorted itself out now. I even slept for the first time in a week last... Continue Reading →

dukkha, the pervasive unsatisfactoriness of existence

Excerpts from a talk by Ajahn Chah. My brother gave me a book written by this Buddhist teacher before he (my brother) died. My brother and I shared an interest in Buddhism and things spiritual. It is what made us close in a way I am not with anyone else in my family. Today I... Continue Reading →

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