Hoping that by the end of the day I’ll feel like the song…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a better video, but the song is a classic.
I have tentative plans to go out to dinner with my husband and a couple of friends. But I’m really not feeling so hot. I guess the traveling has really f*&$ed me up. It took about 10 days to settle after my trip to CA. I thought it would be smoother on the return. I’m waiting to gain some perspective.

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  1. Crazy is a great song! Might put it up on the blog sometime…just found it on youtube—I looked up Meg Christian’s song and got a home made movie of a little Christian girl named Meg singing Happy Birthday to Jesus!! hahaha

  2. Another birthday song which I absolutely ADORE is Meg Christian’s song, “Happy Birthday” although it might be rather hard to find by now (was made in the 1980s, I believe). If I find it, I’ll send it to you…please ignore the “romantic” side of it. Although I truly DO love you as a “chosen sister.” Just think of the True Meaning of it.

    Love… Sky

  3. My sister just got finished graduating from college with dual degrees (both B.A.s) in Women’s Studies and Sociology. My favorite therapist Of All Time didn’t graduate from college until she was in her fifties! (And I still haven’t found anyone who can match her wit, intelligence, general knowledge, understanding, compassion, etc. in over twenty years.)

    BTW, this song is how my family and friends know that it’s ME calling them to wish them a happy birthday! Some things are Never Outdated…

    Love… Sky

  4. And, oh, it’s 43. Is it too late to have a career again? I need to get healthy AND hopefully go back to school.

    I never said anything—but I have a standing job offer in CA. Working in psych drug withdrawal. Hmmm.

    I still want to be more educated and have the legitimacy of some sort of license to practice.

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