My family—fun for the weekend

My second cat 14 years old....a little demon and huntress. My first baby. 18 years angel... My energetic child....6 years old.

Perhaps I won’t jinx myself….

If I say that I am ever so slowly inching towards stability after almost 3 months of unstable withdrawal hell. I've slept several days now. And the hostility that had become my trademark is ebbing away and has been for over a week. I am not nasty and awful to my husband anymore and we... Continue Reading →

A Guide for Therapists (and anyone interested in drug withdrawal)

I added a blog to my blogroll today called "Recovery from "schizophrenia" and "psychotic disorders." It's written by Ron Unger, a therapist who has also had a "psychotic" event of some sort that inspires his work. He has a page on his blog that I want to call attention to that is written for clinicians,... Continue Reading →

Bipolar home test kit

What we've all been waiting for! NOT. Dr. John Kelsoe has spent his career trying to identify the biological roots of bipolar disorder. In December, he announced he had discovered several gene mutations closely tied to the disease, also known as manic depression.... ....The proliferation of these tests troubles many public health officials, medical ethicists... Continue Reading →

Jim S. shares his inspiring recovery story

Some of you may be familiar with Jim S, a frequent commenter on this blog in the last several weeks. He has an awesome story of recovery and has generously shared it with us here. Check out his extensive website for more details about his recovery and life. This is a what is becoming a... Continue Reading →

Coming off meds: Part 1,234,031

Unfortunately an adverse effect of Lamictal that I thought was gone forever after I got below 150 mg in my withdrawal has returned. The horrible nausea is back. I don't get it. It's the same nausea, but it left me for about 2 months. I seem to have gotten sensitive once again to the remaining... Continue Reading →

Risperdal is going generic in June

I've been on Risperdal for about 14 years. I've been waiting for it to go generic for about 6 years. Patents used to be much shorter than they are now. For a long time I would try to find out when it was going to become generic because I wanted to save money. Now that... Continue Reading →

Sleep deprivation

My husband called last night and told me he had just watched 60 Minutes. Two segments on sleep deprivation. He speculated that all my problems could conceivably be caused by my problems sleeping---especially lately. I've been extremely emotionally reactive which as the second study in the 60 minute piece shows, is a marker of sleep... Continue Reading →

Tired of Drug Ads On TV?

Fed up with TV ads that sell you the “good news” about prescription drugs but gloss over the shortcomings? Do these drugs actually work? And how common are those side effects?The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will soon decide whether these TV ads should include a toll-free number and web address where you can report... Continue Reading →

Projection: what I seem to be doing a lot of lately

I'm reading a book by John Ruskan called Emotional Clearing. A kind reader suggested I read it and I'm finding it extremely helpful. It actually goes along quite nicely with what I'm doing with my therapist---almost like a companion reader. Some people might find the book objectionable if they don't believe in reincarnation as the... Continue Reading →

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