Do we do it all to ourselves?

Is it just human nature that makes us suckers to big pharma? Granted this “skill” can be used for great good too. Our minds are very powerful.

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  1. Thank you for posting this article. You are doing a great job at getting the truth to us. The following quote from the article was almost unbelievable:

    “The pills had a strong placebo effect in both groups. But 85 percent of those using the expensive pills reported significant pain relief, compared with 61 percent on the cheaper pills.”

    It does appear from this study that people have the power inside themselves to shut off pain. What else can we do? How can this placebo effect be turned on? Maybe prayer and a positive attitude work through this same system.

    Jim S

  2. Dear missisyphus,
    I wish the best of luck in finding someone who will work with you and help nurture self-determination in you. I’m so sorry you had the door shut in your face so many times.

    There are some doctors who will cooperate—they are indeed out there. I have one and I’ve heard of people who have found them—so may the universe grant you just what you need right now.

  3. i totally get this issue right now! my pdoc fired me awhile back. i was told two other pdocs would take me on. reason for all the upheaval: i wanted off of my meds or at least to be taking minimal doses of meds i could afford if i HAD to take something. i just wanted the chance to see what life might be like with out them…the meds. well i was trying to be a responsible patient/client/consumer and ask for assistance and guidance. i said that i would be honest and the moment things weren’t looking good…i would let my doc know and we could make adjustments. but the doors all slammed. i guess when a door shuts it’s an opportunity to find another door to open. i’m hoping that by blogging and communicating with this community i will learn how others are managing and have a compassionate understanding of the dynamics. i mean who should be in charge of our bodies? aren’t docs there by our hire to help us get well? as they call us clients and consumers now, doesn’t that imply that we have a say and should be participant in our care? or, are these just ADA terms loosely thrown out there that the “professionals” can’t grasp. it’s time to be revolutionary as so many are with these blogs and they are WONDERFUL, POSITIVE, information and communication tools. i’m grateful for all of you and your thoughts and time and effort you give to this medium. you go. every blog, every comment is changing the face of treatment. this medium is giving us the voice we don’t seem to be able to be allowed in the doctors’ offices. thank you. you are helping me. as i get my act together and can do more research as i’m oriented towards doing…i hope that i can give more to each of you. for now, i’m going to say thank you, so much.

  4. I swear. These people must have had prescription benefits. Cash only and cheap, the less expensive version would have worked on me. I am so cost conscious of all these meds I buy.

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