Update and warning

Just want to add a warning to this blog. So that it will be at the top of the page. Withdrawing from psych meds is potentially dangerous. Way back when I started my blog I understood this. I linked to a paper by Joanna Moncrieff that makes plain as day the dangers. I said it... Continue Reading →

Clarification–but yes, I’m still tactically retreating

I just want people to know that I'm proud of what I've accomplished here. It's not in perfect order or organized in the best of fashion, but there is a hell of a lot of information here. Please use it. Please keep me on your blogroll or add me if you're just discovering me. This... Continue Reading →


I'm tired. And I'm not nearly done with my journey... It's looking like I have late stage adrenal exhaustion. I get test results on Monday and if I have it, which I have little doubt about at this point as I've talked to several professionals as well as read a ton of literature, healing from... Continue Reading →

Gotta direct you to Furious Seasons again

An excellent post inspired by Richard Friedman's piece in the New York Times today. Philip keep 'em coming. Taking a broad look at the long term effects of our drug culture is extremely important. Friedman's piece is still completely within the mainstream. Philip pushes further: I wouldn't consider the risk of suicide and suicidality, on... Continue Reading →

Working with voices/psychosis

An article about a movie in the UK to air on Channel 4 on Monday April 21st. This makes me think of the treatment that went on at Soteria. There are a few brave people in the world who will still take people through and out of their psychosis naturally. A new Soteria House is... Continue Reading →

In memory of my brother

As many of you know my dearest brother died on September 3rd of last year. Tomorrow would have been his 49th birthday. I've been anticipating the pain for awhile, and unfortunately what makes it hurt even worse is that today is my wedding anniversary. I have the two dates linked in my mind and have... Continue Reading →

Well it’s a start…

Complementary therapies for schizophrenia I still maintain we need a complete overhaul in treatment strategies, but the fact that some psychiatrists are opening up to these ideas is good... Some of them may leave their toxic ways behind. Baby steps as they say.

Thoughts for the weekend

Some interesting stuff from Bruce Lipton, geneticist. This is part one of seven. If you go here you can see the rest of the series.

Possible banning of food additives in Britain—study shows they contribute to ADHD

Thanks to Sloopy, one of my readers and commenters, for the information about a study showing food additives causing ADHD in children: The study involved one hundred and fifty three 3-year old and one hundred and forty four 8- to 9-year old children, selected to represent a broad range of behaviour in the general population... Continue Reading →

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