I’m in shock—please watch this

I can hardly believe what I saw but I do think it's for real. I'm so moved I want to cry---it feels like this should be a life changing revelation.

Children and hard psych drugs

I just found an older article from the Sept 2007 New American written by the attorney of a six year old boy being forcibly drugged by the state: Twelve adults gathered in a small, closed courtroom to decide how many powerful, anti-psychotic drugs that the child, who is currently in the custody of the state,... Continue Reading →

Three out of four days ain’t bad

Yes...I had three good days. Energetic and healthy days where I did normal things and didn't feel nauseas or dizzy or unable to walk. In fact two of those days I went on half hour walks. Last night I only slept 5 and a 1/2 hours. I'm assuming that means today will be another bad... Continue Reading →

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