Children and hard psych drugs

I just found an older article from the Sept 2007 New American written by the attorney of a six year old boy being forcibly drugged by the state:

Twelve adults gathered in a small, closed courtroom to decide how many powerful, anti-psychotic drugs that the child, who is currently in the custody of the state, would be required to take. The patient did not have a voice, since he was not there. No doctor was present, but plenty of lawyers were. The little boy’s lawyer saw nothing wrong with drugging him into a stupor. As the attorney for the heartbroken mother, I spoke against the whole idea; I suggested to the court that other factors may be causing the child’s problems, and that the compulsory administration of drugs by the state was simply an excuse to avoid addressing those issues.

The verdict: the little guy would be forced to take anti-psychotic drugs Risperdal, Concerta, and Seroquel, plus the stimulant Clonidine and the anti-anxiety drug Klonopin.

Ah…this causes real pain…read the rest here.

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  1. Poor little blighter.

    The twisted irony is that he’s probably sick because of the neurotoxins pumped into the food chain by BigPharma – the very same criminal complex which now seeks to forcibly “treat” him, at great profit.

    The front pages of yesterday’s papers in London all followed with the cautionary announcement from the Food Standards Agency.

    The Agency is seeking a voluntary agreement (fat chance) with food manufacturers, calling on them to withdraw a number of recognised neurotoxins from their products.

    * Sunset yellow (E110)
    * Quinoline yellow (E104)
    * Carmoisine (E122)
    * Allura red (E129)
    * Tartrazine (E102)
    * Ponceau 4R (E124)
    * Sodium Benzoate (E211)

    I watched in despair as some industry grunt was given airtime in a BBC news bulletin to defend the indefensible.

    The amoral fuckwit baldy denied the latest evidence linking food additives and childhood mental illness.

    Instead he used his slot to demand that the consumer be given choice to decide what to eat.

    Tell that to the toddler who’s being spoon-fed Tesco mushy peas, heavily coloured with tartrazine, a nerve toxin known to cause hyperactivity and aggression.

    Some “choice”!

    The evidence that the industry shill sought to deny is the result of several years research at Southampton University. It has just been reviewed in the journal of the European Food Standards Authority.

    See here:

    “The study involved one hundred and fifty three 3-year old and one hundred and forty four 8- to 9-year old children, selected to represent a broad range of behaviour in the general population including children with normal to high level behavioural activity. Children who were
    medicated for ADHD were not included. A global hyperactivity aggregate (GHA) score was the main outcome of the study, and this parameter was based on aggregated z-scores of observed behaviours and ratings by teachers, class room observers and parents, plus, for 8- to 9- year old children, a computerised test of attention.

    Mix A containing Tartrazine (E102), Ponceau 4R (E124), Sunset Yellow FCF (E110), Carmoisine (E122) and sodium benzoate significantly increased GHA scores for all 3-year old children compared to the placebo control GHA scores (effect size 0.20 [CI 0.01 to 0.39], p<0.05).”

  2. The drugging of children with these powerful chemical cocktails is just wrong on so many levels. Unfortunately, in this whacked-out culture of quick fixes, I fear that we are going to see more and more of this. I weep for the innocent lives that are being destroyed.

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