Yes, gosh darn it, it is chronic fatigue!

Thank you to Marissa, author of "depression introspection" for pointing out this article on chronic fatigue from the New York Times, because yes, my previous post is all about what this article is talking about. For exactly the reasons stated in this article---the fact that people just don't get what chronic fatigue means, I rarely... Continue Reading →

I’d like to bitch for a moment

I'm tired. I can't drive except for very short distances and even that scares me---my freedom feels severely impeded. Sometimes my body feels like lead and I lay in bed for hours. Literally like lead and it even hurts my arm to hold a phone to my head or type on the keyboard. I'm tired.... Continue Reading →

Of Love

Katie from Joyously Becoming visited my blog today and when I visited hers I found part of this beautiful poem by the great poet Khalil Gibran---The Prohpet: Of Love When you love you should not say, 'God is in my heart,' but rather, 'I am in the heart of God.' And think not you can... Continue Reading →

Pain—emotional or physical

I've talked on a number of occasions about having endometriosis. Every month after dealing with severe PMS I am then relieved of that with severe pain. I have been blessed recently to find that taking an amino acid, D-Phenylalanine helps reduce the pain considerably. It helps make endorphins and allows me to take much less... Continue Reading →

“Symptoms” and acceptance

The symptoms I am having as a result of withdrawal are first and foremost physical. I've been rendered physically disabled. This is a result of my particular body and history on meds. Not everyone who deals with withdrawal will get physically sick like me. The psychological symptoms or psychiatric symptoms I deal with are no... Continue Reading →

An oldie but a goodie

I watched this video of Gwen Olsen talking about benzos and then psych drugs in general before I had a blog. I didn't realize I've never posted it. It's a very good short verbal explanation of the potential hells of withdrawals. I, too, have a benzo to withdraw from still. I'm currently withdrawing from Risperdal.... Continue Reading →

A spectrum of views on the so-called bipolar child

Sparked by this terribly disturbing article in Newsweek. With commentary by Philip Dawdy on Furious Seasons. CL Psych's take on it.... And the last a commentary by Peter Breggin on The Huffington Post.

I get so happy doing simple errands

I think it's undeniable at this point. I have been getting progressively better since I started with my new orthomolecular/holistic/energy worker psychiatrist. The improvement began a week into my work with her and has been a constant trend towards better.. Granted, I have set backs---days in which I still spend the majority of time in... Continue Reading →

Beyond Meds

Okay, I must apologize. I'm changing the name of the blog again. This should be it. The story behind all the change is this: I started an online private journal in 2004 on blogger. Without any thought whatsoever, I named it "Bipolar Blast." When I decided to make it public I deleted the whole history... Continue Reading →

Effexor withdrawal in slow motion

Yesterday I felt a bit better than usual and as is my way on my "good" days I usually call a friend to see if they are available for an hour or two for a lunch or a hot drink. My friend agreed but did not sound well. We scheduled a time to meet. About... Continue Reading →

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