Just for fun Sunday

Got this from Stephany. Make sure you click ocasionally while moving the cursor around. I missed that the first time.

Update: Okay, this isn’t working. The server is apparently down. I once visited this site like a couple of years ago and it was working the last three days or so so I suspect it will be back…I do recommend trying it again tomorrow or something.

In the meantime, I’ll post my thing for tomorrow right now.

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  1. do you know if you click a lot, and add color and streaks to fill the page, then hit any key on the keyboard, the gallery name comes up in fine print? i’m so impatient that when i saw the blank screen i clicked, and clicked again and it all exploded, my goal was to write my name, and that’sa challenge!

  2. I first stared and thought, it was a mistake, or a bad joke – although I had trouble imagining you being out to fool your readers like that – (“Where does the fun come in??”), until I accidentally moved the cursor… Ahhh, there the fun came in! Thanks for posting this 🙂

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