Happy Birds

This is from my friend Jayme’s youtube channel Faces of Recovery. It’s a great video that made me so happy the first time I saw it over a year ago I teared up. I hope you like it.

I’ve been crazy busy. Packing a house on my own is quite a challenge as well as very exhausting. I also met with the painters on Friday and they’re coming tomorrow to finish the exterior. My husband had done about one third of it already.

My husbands mom is at the very end. It’s bringing back the pain of losing my brother as my husband describes the situation to me.

I’m not online much. But still check my email compulsively several times a day.

I feel so overwhelmed right now I’m just not sure how much I’ll be writing. I hate it when I don’t have regular posts. Hopefully I’ll find some hidden creativity even in the midst of this chaos. But should I go missing, just know that I’m busy and I’ll check in soon.

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  1. I miss those birds. When I left my apartment, I left my flock. Even now, when I go downtown, I look for familiar faces (or beaks, rather!) Thanks for sharing this video. It is actually the most popular one I have on YouTube.

  2. Gianna,

    This video brought back good memories – had about 70 homing pigeons while in high school – used to race them….

    Knew them by sight as they flew back into the loft….
    Named each of them….

    They used to land on my shoulders and head – fed them out of my hand….

    Great memories – birds are wonderful!

    And of course, the words to the song….offer room for hope.



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