My favorite off-topic topic: CATS

A family of feline squatters has moved into a foreclosed home in Lake Elsinore. Residents of the Tuscany Hills development first noticed the bobcats about a week ago. Article here.
Thanks to Susan, who knowing we share a love of cats forwarded me the link.
I rarely post more than once a day and when I do it seems prior posts get neglected. So please do check out the quote I posted earlier today. I love it even if I am biased.

10 thoughts on “My favorite off-topic topic: CATS

  1. Sweet picture. By coincidence I got my first cat this Saturday. I’ve discovered by interacting with friends and strangers that I have unknowingly joined a cult.


  2. Beautiful photo.
    I’m a dog person. 😦
    Susan is trying hard to convince me to turn into a cat person.
    This week I saw a white dog on my street that I’d never saw before. He looked like a albino collie mixed with something.
    A asked the owner:
    “-It’s a wolf.” she said calmly.
    He was so beautiful!
    But I’ll try harder.


  3. Thank you for the shout out Gianna.

    I think the cats look so handsome on top of that ledge, like a live

    But I think I would rather touch the tigers than touch the bobcats.


  4. this is totally awesome, isn’t it? i love this story. and i love that, for ONCE, the police used their brains and left the nice critters alone!

    and i do love the quote below. our representations of the world — and of ourselves, and of each other, and of everything — are always just that, representations, and we must remember they are always, always temporary.


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