You can vote for me in my local blog awards

I have been nominated for a blog award at a yearly festival of blogs in my home region. You are apparently welcome to vote for me if you so choose. Some of you are actually from here, so vote for all the categories of course and you certainly needn't vote for me... For those of... Continue Reading →

Excerpts from interviews with two different psychiatrists this week

I will make virtually no comments. Why don't all of you have at it? From The New York Times. A Conversation With Nancy C. Andreasen Q. AND WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND? A. I haven’t published this yet. But I have spoken about it in public lectures. The big finding is that people with schizophrenia are... Continue Reading →

Short and sweet update

I'm off all the "emergency meds." It took 12 days---pretty damn awesome if you ask me! Strangely enough, or perhaps not, I slept totally shitty after the first couple of "knock-out" nights until I was completely off the Risperdal on Sunday night. Sunday night was the first restful deep sleep I had. Clearly Risperdal, while... Continue Reading →

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