And the winner of the Most Inspirational Blog is….


Here I am with my Bill and Hillary awards.

Some of you asked for pictures so here you go.

I had a blast at the BlogAsheville awards and met lots of really nice cool people. I’m really glad I went. I did not meet Skippy Ha Ha who owned up to being “at least one of the people” who nominated me. She apparently was unable to make the party. I did meet a friend of hers who promised to let her know I said hello. But here again, hello Skippy Ha Ha and thank you!!

Special thanks also goes to Gordon from Scrutiny Hooligans for saving me a chair, when I told him I wasn’t strong enough to stand the whole evening. I read his blog every day and so had a bit of contact with him by email prior to the event as he is one of the organizers.

And I must call attention to one of my competitors in the Most Inspriational blog category Zen from Zenography who as far as I know is the only blogger in town to have me on his blogroll, though it’s on his other blog not his photography blog. I honestly stopped and thought about voting for him instead of me as it is sort of difficult to be inspired by oneself and his photography is truly inspiring to me. In the end I admit I went the self-serving route and voted for myself.

In any case I didn’t nominate myself for just about everything like Jason Bugg did! It worked for him though, he won a ton of shit!!

I also fess up to being completely irresponsible and drinking two cups of black tea which literally rose me up from the dead. I’ve been totally bed ridden—no joking. I’m so sensitive to caffeine now that it acted like methaphetamine and kept me going for several fun filled hours AND I could even tolerate the ear splitting music. Honestly I usually cannot tolerate any loud sound. Bizarre what substances can do to you. More bizarre what substances can do to ME. I’m a weird one, yeah.

In any case tomorrow I’ll know just how self-destructive it actually was. I expect fall out, but hope for the best. Cranking up a wasted, tired and sick body is not particulary good medicine and I don’t do it very often. I suppose I’ve done it about 3 times in the last year for special ocasions and yeah, I generally have some regrets, but hell, I deserve to have fun every now and then.

For now anyway, I’m glad I managed to get out of the house and see real people. Some of them even read my blog and paid me compliments. And everyone else was just plain nice and friendly. It’s nice to be part of a community finally. I’m so glad I ended up moving into town and am no longer out in the boonies.

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  1. Congratulations, Gianna! I’m so happy for you. You completely deserve it. Your blog is definitely inspirational. Remind yourself about this whenever you get down about whether you’re making a difference in other people’s lives.

    Yes, you are.

    Love you,

  2. you look fantastic Gianna! and all i can say is LOL about those awards! congrats, and i’m glad you have a home community now too, that is the best medicine (well that and your kind and caring husband and your pets too). feeling and being involved in life, and not looking in from the outside–a victory!

  3. Gianna, what a pleasure to meet you and i wish i would’ve arrived earlier to talk more to you and hubby. Huge congratulations though for your wonderful win, you really deserve it so much! Be proud, and honestly, i got the one i care about – my ‘inspiration’ honestly is purely visual and yours is life. Helen and i are beaming for you!

  4. Glad you like the Clinton tools – those were my donation for winning the “Least likely to make money from blogging” award last year. I’m sorry the box was kind of crappy on the outside, it was shipped without outer packaging, and the shipping labels were just stuck to the outside of the cardboard. Congrats on winning!

  5. thanks everyone for the congratulations!!

    it’s nice to hear from you. I did have a great day yesterday and I’m actually feeling okay today in spite of the caffeine use…I can tell it took a toll, but today is the fourth day after my period and it seems that is when my “PMS” lifts naturally…so I expect to have a string of better days now until I ovulate again….the acupuncture will hopefully get my hormones worked out soon though…it kicked ass in helping control the endo pain this month.

    yes, I had a setback but that is all it was, after moving forward for a long time…I’m doing just fine…thanks.

    I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with your withdrawal…be in touch if you need to be…I’m still happy to offer you support even if I’m not on the board anymore.

  6. Hey Gianna!

    Sorry I have not contacted you. I’ve been lying low due to severe w/d symptoms. Miss you on the board. It was so good to read your post and see your blog was nominated and won. Congratulations. Sounds like you had a great day even if it was caffeine induced. Hope you recovered and are enjoying another good day. How is everything going. I know you had a setback and were able to recover somewhat. I hope you are still making progress.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!


  7. Brava, Gianna! Well deserved, well appreciated, well done! Isn’t it awesome to be validated for doing the right thing at the right time, exactly in the right way? The Company of Heaven is thrilled beyond measure…

  8. CONGRATS Gianna! I am so glad you won Most Inspirational Blog – it is 100% true! I am sorry I didn’t make it to the party, I’ve had a raging head cold for the past week, and I didn’t want to be shaking hands and meeting people (and drinking outside!) with all these germs. I hear I missed a great time, again congrats & keep up the good work!

  9. Congratulations!!! I hope, the tea-hangover doesn’t get too bad. You certainly deserve to have fun every now and then!

    BTW: Had a look at Zen’s pictures. Wow! I have to face it: I need a digital camera.

  10. Uptown ruler it was great to meet you too…I’m a daily reader of your blog for several months now…

    Uptown ruler, is part of the Scrutiny Hooligan team mentioned above who took home a slew of awards as well!! Congrats!!

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