Psych meds linked to numerous deaths amongst veterans

I’m not up to commenting on this right now but here’s the article from the Washington Times.

Oh, watch the video. The father feels like Seroquel is the common denominator. But they are also on antidepressants and benzo’s it sounds like.

Please feel free to comment and I may join in later.

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  1. Phoenix,
    If I wasn’t familiar with you I would think your comment is spam…the site you list appears to be a real estate agency for vets?

    Can you explain to me if I’m missing something?

    My brain is pretty fried so forgive me if I’m asking the obvious…

  2. I work with Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. For the most part, they are receiving very little treatment for PTSD other than psych meds. If you know vets who are suffering, refer them to

  3. hi J,
    Nice to see you again…
    Magnesium can be good in several different forms…in general I’ve heard magnesium citrate is the most absorbable, though i can’t take it because it give me the runs, but it’s a good one to start with.

    I take a slow release version as that is all my gut tolerates. (Jigsaw Health makes is)

    But yeah, it can be awesomely calming for some folk.

    All your suggestions are very good…

    Thanks for sharing your experience on the meds.

  4. The solders with who have big mental problems after
    Iraq are stuck in a hard place. If you get treatment
    you are more than likely going drink as well. If you
    don’t get treatment you can’t sedate and numb
    yourself to what is happening over there.

    While I was on Seroquel I always had the desire
    for alcohol. I took Seroquel for mild to moderate schizophrenia. Every time I drank I got worse and fortunately I didn’t drink that often. I stopped the
    Seroquel after 6 months, stopped Benzos after 3 days
    and went without meds completely after that but
    continued to drink for two years. The voices
    got progressively worse with alcohol so I had
    to quit that too.

    When I was taking antidepressants 15 years
    ago the same thing happened. I started drinking
    more than normal with a sudden taste for wine
    like the guy in “Sideways” who was also taking

    As long as i sleep I don’t really have cravings
    but sleep is difficult with crazy neighbors.

    Meds are OK for a short time if you are
    out of control. Many don’t have the luxury
    of taking them for a short time.

    Magnesium Chloride helps cravings and anxiety
    in a big way. Mg Chloride seems to be a good
    1st step in any prevention program. If it
    doesn’t work you can try neurofeedback,
    cognitive therapy, a CCN, EFT, Chi Gong, and
    dozens of other things.

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