Clozaril — trying to rear it’s ugly head again

The news has been all over about a Finnish study that suggests Clozaril is a safer drug. The generic story in Reuters here. Critical commentary by Philip Dawdy at Furious Seasons here. (no longer on the net, copied below) July 13, 2009 Finnish Researcher Claims Clozaril Safer Than Other Antipsychotics By Philip Dawdy A study is... Continue Reading →

TIME magazine takes on the dangers of SSRI use in mothers

TIME magazine interviewed Amy Philo an activist and mother who was poisoned with Zoloft after giving birth. She is an ardent fighter for the rights of mothers. The print version of TIME magazine has an egregious error. Here Amy talks about this article in her piece: TIME Magazine Retracts False Statement about Amy Philo (yes,... Continue Reading →

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