Fascinating video about the phenomena of synesthesia. A way of experiencing reality in a different way than what is considered “normal.” Yet none of these people are considered sick either. It’s simply an alternate way of being. The movie suggests that there are many many ways in which this might be true among humans but we aren’t aware of all the ways. Or we might say, too, that some alternative ways of looking at reality are known, but not accepted.

Boing Boing presents a remix of “Synesthesia,” a documentary directed by Jonathan Fowler about people whose senses blend, or mix. For instance: a synesthete might see colors when listening to music, or taste flavors when hearing a spoken word.

In this documentary, Dr. David Eagleman of Baylor College of Medicine explains this condition, and four synesthetes explain how they perceive the world.

The full-length version of this film was produced with support from The Research Channel (, and is available for viewing on their website.

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