Diary of a psychiatric survivor — on Lunatic Fringe

Today’s post on Lunatic Fringe is well worth reading. Here is a teaser with just the beginning of a very interesting article:

Elyn Saks, University of Southern California Law Professor and prominent “schizophrenic”, recently gave an interview to the magazine Scientific America. Her interview was titled Diary of a High Functioning Person with Schizophrenia. I thought it would be interesting to respond to her perspective with my own.

I’ve heard people say everyone is unique, and I suppose there is some truth to saying so, Elyn Saks and I should certainly not be held in the same cages or pens together at the zoo. I would say that as far as perspective is concerned we are practically two completely distinct species.

Her view of schizophrenia, and particularly her own take on it, for one thing, seems very conventional standard psychiatry textbook stuff. She describes it as a “waking nightmare”–delusions, hallucinations, disorganized and confused thinking.

No doubt. Been there, done that. (read the rest here)

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