Over-medicating kids in the New York Times

There is a feature article and a video today in the New York Times. Hope the kid who is featured gets off  the amphetamines too. He's had a rough time of it, his short little life. David Bransford MD,  has a critical post on his blog about the phenomena too, inspired by the above pieces,... Continue Reading →

Activism necessary if we want the truth about psychiatric medications be heard

Got an email from Bruce E. Levine alerting me to his new article/book review in ZMagazine. It ends with a few paragraphs on how the mainstream media is mostly ignoring Robert Whitaker's critical and important work on psychiatry and psychopharmaceuticals. Activism with each and everyone one of us participating is crucial to alert the public... Continue Reading →

A mother’s perspective on psychosis in her son

Rossa Forbes again writes amazing brilliant observations in the post in response to the CNN piece on childhood bipolar. Simple, profound and simply missed by almost everyone. This is why I love her work. As a mother of a child who was labeled with a psychiatric illness she is able to say with plenty of... Continue Reading →

Tart cherry for pain (in my case the pain of psychiatric drug withdrawal)

I discovered for the second time that Tart Cherry extract really helps the pain associated with withdrawal syndrome. This is pain that often gets mistook to be fibromyalgia when in fact it's caused by the psychiatric drugs and the withdrawal from them. It's possible though that this may help those with fibro too as it's... Continue Reading →

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