Over-medicating kids in the New York Times

There is a feature article and a video today in the New York Times.

Hope the kid who is featured gets off  the amphetamines too. He’s had a rough time of it, his short little life.

David Bransford MD,  has a critical post on his blog about the phenomena too, inspired by the above pieces, from his perspective as a practicing psychiatrist.

And check out the Risperdal building blocks (legos) on this blog that also features the NYT article. Yes, toys with “Risperdal,” the potent antipsychotic drug, printed across the length of them!

I found another picture of the legos on google images. Here they are called Risperdallego…lovely. For the full effect see the kid playing with them at the above link which I just put here again now too.

Wanted to call attention to the above links as I know it’s a topic of which many like to stay apprised.

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