Trauma, not brain disease, is the cause of your distress

He believes that the failure to appreciate the history of trauma and interpersonal conflict in the children's lives, coupled with a need to explain the children's anger, leads to a premature and erroneous diagnosis of child bipolar disorder....Unfortunately, trauma broadly underlying the source of mental distress is true for adults as well who are labeled bipolar (and schizophrenic and depressed and anxious) and it's rarely taken into consideration with adults either.

State of mental health care…

It's important to consider what the right kind of care for those with mental health issues is because the fact is much of what is considered state of art now makes many people worse. Blanket calls for more available care isn't enough if we don't also think about what better care looks like....The information is out there, but not enough people know how to utilize and teach alternatives. Learn about the options. Spread the word. Be the change.

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