Antidepressants can worsen long term course of depression

There is increasing awareness that, in some cases, long-term use of antidepressant drugs (AD) may enhance the biochemical vulnerability to depression and worsen its long-term outcome and symptomatic expression, decreasing both its likelihood of subsequent response to pharmacological treatment and the duration of symptom-free periods.

How to start a Peer Run respite

One way to work towards being the change is to create safe alternative spaces to hospitals where people can go during crisis: This webinar addressed specific issues around starting up, maintaining, and sustaining quality peer-run respites. Panelists provided practical tips and suggestions on advocacy, funding, core values and principles, and staffing issues, among others. For more info, go to the National Empowerment Center.

INFORMED Choice in regards to taking medications or not…

Let us create an infrastructure of care that is staffed with people who have many alternative and holistic choices for healing. One in which there are better options that simply do not harm. There are many such possibilities. This blog covers lots of methods that people have used to heal. They’re out there being used already by thousands of people but not in mainstream mental health care and psychiatry where pharma is god.

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