Practicing peace

I was recently rereading the writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., and I understood once again that the whole movement was based on love—love that doesn’t exclude anybody. This is also the Buddhist idea of love. In this view, you want everybody to be healed. Now, some political activists might say, “OK, but nothing will... Continue Reading →

Neuropsychiatry: Same baloney, different sandwich

As the "chemical imbalance" theory wanes, the "neurogenesis" theory justifying antidepressant prescription arises. The "chemical imbalance" theory spawned countless scholarly and scholarly-seeming articles and books as doctors nodded solemnly over their brilliant biological insights into the brain and emotions. Unfortunately, these insights have been demonstrated to be based on bogus research, wishful thinking, and a bandwagon effect stoked by pharma money. How embarrassing for psychiatry's intelligentsia. But there still has to be a rationale for prescribing antidepressants, so they came up with something else. Now we have the "neurogenesis" hyperbole, with its corollary that would have depression as a degenerative brain disorder. If "chemical imbalance" doesn't exist, there has to be some fundamental flaw in the brains of people who are unhappy, right?

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