A guided meditation for the weekend

This is great for beginning meditators and anyone who likes to vary their practice from time to time. (more commentary on site)

Science’s First Mistake

For those interested in science and philosophy (and the nature of reality) this lecture is wonderfully interesting and informative.

Gone fishing…

I will not have my computer for several days which I've arranged on purpose so that I might have a complete and total break from all things internet! Not sure exactly when I'll be back. Enjoy the spring! ******if you are on twitter there is now (again) a Beyond Meds account. It's fully automated and basically just a feed. (Yes, in essence, it's a bot!) So there will be pre-scheduled tweets from the archives during the time I am gone. Otherwise it also automatically tweets new posts from here as they are published. It's a good way to get updates if you don't like email subscriptions. Lastly if you've missed my prior posts about the new drop-down menus at the top of the page, I've made it much easier to navigate the archives. Just put your cursor over the titles at the very top of the page and menus will appear. I'm updating these all the time so additional articles are being made available from the archives on a regular basis. Check back from time to time.

Healing through the dark emotions

"Fear, grief and despair are uncomfortable and are seen as signs of personal failure. In our culture we call them "negative" and think of them as "bad." I prefer to call these emotions "dark," because I like the image of a rich, fertile soil from which something unexpected can bloom. Also we keep them "in the dark" and tend not to speak about them. We privatize them and don't see the ways in which they are connected to the world. But the dark emotions are inevitable. They are part of the universal human experience and are certainly worthy of our attention. They bring us important information about ourselves and the world and can be vehicles of profound transformation."

Loving-kindness (metta) meditation

Remember that if you start this meditation while in any sort of mental distress it's possible that part of the meditation is holding those feelings with kindness even while you feel the opposite or worse. Hold whatever unpleasant feelings you have with the intention for loving kindness. It's normal to have unpleasant feelings too and especially when one starts this kind of meditation.

Saturday Mellow: best interspecies love video EVER

It's a little thing I've had going on this blog for a while. Though it's been a while. Here are a few more: Interspecies love

A moment of sanity

When people start to meditate or to work with any kind of spiritual discipline, they often think that somehow they're going to improve, which is a sort of subtle aggression against who they really are.

Informed consent and pro-choice when it comes to drugs and medications

Most people who end up on drugs that harm did not have viable options or they were not told of them if they did have them which amounts to a similar circumstance in their personal understanding of their own experience. Of course we don't have an infrastructure of care that offer options and that is where policy making and legislation and education have to come in. For now though many people simply have very few options, but worse, if they do have access to options or alternatives they are not told and so they may make choices that are harmful when it wasn't necessary. … [click on title to read and view more]

Conflict between the world as it is and the world as we believe it to be

We perceive the world in a particular way and confidently expect it to conform to its appearance. But we fail to recognize that certain aspects of the ‘reality’ that appear to us are nothing but figments of our own imagination. In this confusion a conflict ensues between the world as it is and the world... Continue Reading →

Let the ego hits burn you

"Let the ego hits burn you. Stop shooting your sense of self up with Novocaine. Take the hit, calmly. Then take the next one. Take every single hit to ego that comes your way, doing nothing that you ordinarily would or that your thoughts would insist you do in order to soften the blow or... Continue Reading →

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