Musings on anxiety…

The way we negotiate anxiety plays no small part in shaping our lives and character. And yet, historically speaking, the lovers of wisdom, the philosophers, have all but repressed thinking about that amorphous feeling that haunts many of us hour by hour, and day by day....In general this blog supports embracing all our emotions. That is how we come to know who we are. The whole spectrum of our emotional lives are of value. It's a shame that we learn to call many of our emotions negative and in keeping with that we try to numb them out in various ways, including the use of both legal and illegal drugs. It is in resisting our shadow sides that those emotions we fear grow bigger! That is the sad paradox.

The Heart Has Its Own “Brain” and Consciousness

The more we find out about how our bodies work the clearer it is that we are holistic beings. I've written much about gut health and the gut has often been called the second brain. Well it seems that the heart too, has much intelligence! No surprise to all the lovers among us....

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