The dangers of labels (commentary on the DSM 5)

The new additions to the DSM-V create even more opportunities to see our clients as “The Other” and less like fellow travelers on this journey of life. Noted existential psychologist Irvin Yalom states that “labels do violence to people,” and Kierkegaard said, “Once you label me, you negate me.” I, along with many others, fear the violence that will be done to those included in these new categories. I believe the DSM-V changes can serve as a wake-up call, alerting each of us to the need for a life of celebrating our humanity … one where we learn to accept ourselves right where we are without judgment or criticism. Of course, that means we must take a stand against the dangers we are facing.

David Oaks needs our support

Monday, December 10th is a DAY FOR DAVID Everyone who can will be sending positive energy, good thoughts, love, and prayers towards David & Family, wishing him a speedy recovery! On December 1st, 2012, David Oaks fell off a loft ladder while trying to retrieve Bongo (his cat) from a loft in his home office.... Continue Reading →

Nori fish “burrito” — #foodie Friday, fun with seaweed

I didn't have a post for today but then I realized I could make my lunch into a nice little #foodie post. One of my favorite foods I've added to my diet since concentrating on healing foods are various kinds of seaweed. I have two favorites that I use a lot. I love wakami which I... Continue Reading →

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